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Internet of Things & M2M

  • The status, development and opportunities in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, and embedded communications services.
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  Digital Things 2.0: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 28 March)
  M2M 2.0: Report and analysis of the event
  M2M 2.0: Previous Findings & Session 1 (Beecham Research Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: New Business Models for Service Enablers (Deutche Telekom) Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Strategies and business models (KPN Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: M2M Innovation Case Studies, Implications for BSS (CSG International Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Out-Smarted? (Arkessa Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Smart Home – Enabled by Mobile (GSMA Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: The Future of Energy (British Gas presentation)
  M2M 2.0: HGI Standards Activities for M2M Services (HGI Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Business Model Innovation in M2M (Telefonica Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Hubbing the connected home (Landis & Gyr Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Service Enablers Across Multiple Home Hubs (Beecham Research Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Service enabler strategies across multiple home hubs (Vodafone Presentation)
  M2M 2.0: Market, Business Models, and Telcos' Role(s)
  LTE & Wholesale: Time to Get Aggressive?
  New Business Models: Half Future Telco Growth
  M2M 2.0: New Approaches Needed
  Telcos vs. Internet Players: Act before it’s too late
  Aligning M2M with Telco 2.0 Strategies
  New Strategy Report: Telco 2.0 Case Directory - 5 'Use Cases', 10 Case Studies
  Enterprise 2.0: Machine-to-machine - opening for business
  M2M / Embedded Market Overview, Healthcare Focus, and Strategic Options
  New Opportunities in Online Content Distribution
  Verizon Wireless’ volte-face: Virtue or Vice?