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Digital Entertainment: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day Two (Wednesday 20 March)

The True Role for Mobile. Presentations from the Digital Entertainment stream of the New Digital Economics Brainstorm, 20th March 2013, in San Francisco.

0830 Welcome, Introductions & Warm Up

Host: Andrew Collinson, COO/Research Director, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (download here)


0900 Making Mobile Work

Andre James, Partner, Bain & Co (download here)

Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (download here)

Alex Linde, Vice President, Mobile & Digital Apps,The Weather Channel (download here)

Innovation Showcase: Dan Reitan, CEO, Reincloud (download here)

1300 Advertising & Marketing: Radical Game Change Ahead

Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer, Group M (download here)

Michal Pasternak, Partner, Huge Inc (download here)

Leif Welch, SVP Digital, Cox Digital (download here)

Final Plenary Session:

1530 Big Data: Exploiting the New Oil for the New Economy

Andy Land, VP Marketing, UnboundID (download here)

Velu Sinha, Partner, Bain & Co (download here)

John Clippinger, CEO, ID3 MIT Media Lab (download here)

Phil Windley, Founder and CTO, Kynetx (download here)

Innovation showcase: Philip Laidler, Consulting Director, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (download here)